• No Apology

    No Apology

    This song would be rewritten as “Tellina Lie” and performed band-style. Vocals in bridge just had to go.

  • Sara Lee

    Sara Lee

    Pitch for a theme song for Sara Lee Corporation, but the song was too “edgy” and was not actually “played” for them.

  • Moving


    Originally pitched as a theme song for U-haul, but rejected. Their loss, your gain.

  • Satellite of Nothing

    Satellite of Nothing

    Contract work for NASA. Expected to be part of the first manned trip to Mars.

  • Something on the Way

    Something on the Way

    Tried to rework a year or two later with a band, didn’t work. Too moody. This song wants to be a happy one. So smile already.

  • Loveshirt


    Around this time I’d started recording some music with a band, and I had found myself unemployed, so I took advantage of all that free time to make an album. It was a concept album only in the sense that I made the whole thing in a short period of time, so it kind of…

  • Babylon


    We kind of considered this the end of the “album.” Seemed like we were ending on the right note.

  • Diabolickal


    Not only did this track provide us with a name for our act, but the laid-back groove gave us our second video, which is sufficiently abstract that I think it holds up pretty well.

  • Electrick Eel

    Electrick Eel

    This song developed as it went, and gathered meaning in its abstract nature like a snowball rolling downhill. At an epic length of almost six minutes it was our longest track, it kept growing organically until some kind of bizarre feedback-drenched guitar solo came out the other end.